Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Quite simply: to extend the useful life of the solutions you have deployed and scope for additional solutions to reinforce the ones in place.


Why is it important?


These days, organisations big and small are all jostling to gain a competitive advantage over their peers and competitors. By way of various software solutions provided by us, a company can improve productivity and great connectivity throughout its organisation as with its vendors.


Over time, as is natural, newer solutions will have more advanced features which will require a replacement of outdated solutions, and while a complete overhaul will not prove to be very cost-effective, it is therefore vital that application maintenance processes are set in place.


Why take this step with us?


Maintenance requirements naturally, vary from client to client and this umbrella houses a spectrum of services which include:


  • Constant Platform Maintenance
  • Backup and Uptime
  • Upgrades
  • Content Updates
  • Functionality Upgrades


We provide maintenance for SQL and PHP/MySQL websites and all versions of mobile apps, based on the individual needs, frequency of changes that may be required, and hours required on a monthly basis.


You’ve come to the right place, check out our Portfolio to see how well the applications we’ve developed are still running.



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