Logistics: Critical to all industries

Transportation Industry

Essential to almost all businesses’ productivity is transportation (its modes: air, sea, land) and access to real time data, which has been discovered through the prevalence of mobile technologies.


While there have been plenty of benefits to the industry, the unpredictable nature of fuel prices, rising labor rates, traffic increase, and changes in regulatory environment have offered some way of challenge because more is expected out of less, and profit as always, will be paramount to agendas.


What the digital age adds to this industry is quite simply, accelerated productivity, profitability, and tailored solutions for particular processes. With the right solution, businesses will be able to connect devices in question under one centralised network (cloud), capture and analyse critical data, and make decision making for management a lot easier.




In order to maximise supply chain efficiency, improvements need to be made from end to end to elevate visibility, which will then facilitate more effective and timely decisions which will diminish delays via the real-time detection of faults and issues. Mobile devices, RFID tracking, barcode scanners, and tablets have become a major influence in this arena. While these types of solutions have already been of benefit to the industry thus far, leveraging them with IoT technologies will deliver more asset intelligence and more informed decisions.


Fleet Management


Maintaining fleet schedules is one of the most critical aspects of the transportation business, encompassing vehicle usage, service routes, and fleet downtime. In order to maximise productivity and operational efficiency, mobile scanners, computers and RFID systems replace manual and hard-copy work orders which saves time, improves data accuracy, provides accurate insight into maintenance history, parts availability, inventory records, and even the ability to relay information back to a central network.




People often overlook and take for granted the innumerable conveniences and developments that have benefitted the transportation industry, i.e automated ticketing handheld consoles in buses and mobile check ins at airports. These little things all add up in a snowball effect which yields less stress and more efficiency.


With our expertise in Mobile App Development, see how efficiency can play out a better future for your business!



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