Estimated reading time: 3 minute(s)

Estimated reading time: 3 minute(s)

Everyone is well versed in how to use smartphones and they easily know how to operate it. In today’s world, everyone owes a phone whether it’s small or big doesn’t matter, but at least has a phone. People use apps on a daily basis for various purposes like to work, entertainment, and miscellaneous. Mobile Web sites are also seen by people but not much. As both can be used on mobiles, but still they have a difference and due to this only apps are more used than the websites. It’s just about how you operate and also depends individually. But, mostly the situation is that apps are more used than websites.

Here are some reasons which are completely valid whymobile pte apps are better than mobile websites.


1. Mobile Apps offer better personalization

Apps can be used according to individual personal interests. Some apps match people’s interest, type of their work, opinions and other likings,  preferences. It gives users a feeling that they are customized apps made for them only. Therefore, Apps are a great entity to the users and an important part of the technology.


2. Ease of Sending Notifications

Notifications have just started coming on mobile apps for a few years only. Before Email was only the one where you get notifications on a daily basis. There are mainly two types of notifications – Push and InApp notifications. Push Notifications can be enabled individually in apps and the In-App is inbuilt in the mobile phones, so they are automatically notified. Therefore, Notifications play a key role in mobile apps.


3. Making Use of Mobile Device Features

Apps have multiple functions as well as devices too. Mobile phones have exciting features like GPS, camera, Compass, etc. Which are easy to operate. Nowadays, there are n number apps which can be downloaded easily. Mobile phones also have inbuilt features that make them better to be used by users.


4. Ability to work offline

Sometimes our internet connection goes bad and our work gets stuck up. But the main difference between a mobile app and a website is that the work on the mobile app keeps on working for some time, but on the other hand if we look on the website it stops working immediately.
Therefore, mobile apps are better than using websites.


5. Freedom in Designing

Somehow both mobile websites and mobile apps are interrelated to each other.  Mobile websites depend on browser features like the ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’ to work. A mobile app can be designed with a lot of elaborate functions, based on advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘pinch,’ ‘hold,’ and more.


6. New Branding Experience

Since Web sites are completely different from mobile apps, also suggesting good branding techniques to the app developers is way too good as the apps will be able to put some different concepts and will be branding some other company simultaneously.


7. Users spend more time on apps

Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% of the time on mobile websites. Therefore, people use more mobile apps than websites as it saves time a lot.


8. New Stream of conversions

Mobile apps can be used to acquire both top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) and bottom-of-the-funnel (BoFu) users. For instance, utility apps can bring-in ToFu users, which can be later nurtured into BoFu leads. On the other hand, apps like eCommerce already have BOTF users, who have a higher possibility of converting.


9. Brand Presence

When encouraging Brands through mobile apps, it’s also important to advertise that brand so that people can be more aware of it. We can do mini advertising on this, like us when an app is developed in its main image is like a small advertisement.


10. Apps can work faster than Web sites

A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. Apps usually store their data locally on mobile devices, in contrast to websites that generally use web servers. For this reason, data retrieval happens swiftly in mobile apps.

These reasons generally prove that Mobile apps are always better than Web sites and save time also. I hope this will clear the major doubts between the two.