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Estimated reading time: 7 minute(s)

What Is Workflow Management Software?

Workflow management software allows companies to control business processes and manage tasks in sequence. Also, teams handle documents and data in large form. Improving employee productivity and resource effectiveness is achieved using this type of software. It can also enhance collaboration between departments and teams. Typically, managers define internal and interdepartmental business processes using workflow management software. Generally, manufacturing workflow management software targets SMBs with low to medium complexity levels of their operations better than business process management. Moreover, workflow management software does not manage separate projects or tasks, separating it from project management tools. Workflow Management products must meet these criteria to qualify for the category:

  • Providing users with customizable workflows
  • Workflows can be created by dragging and dropping
  • Create workflows by including standard activities
  • Manage workflows and task dependencies
  • A predefined set of rules will notify and alert users/managers.

List Of 20 Best Workflow Management Software

1. Asana

With Asana, teams and organizations can take care of everything. The range of tasks is varied and includes daily activities as well as planning activities. Through Asana, work is organized online, and teams can collaborate from any place. Organize your work your way with lists, boards, graphs, and more. Take advantage of Asana’s features to get more done. More than 107,000 teams and organizations use Asana. Using Asana is easy and takes just minutes.


  • Tracking and allocating tasks
  • Using lists or kanbans to view tasks


2. Nifty

Nifty is the best project management workflow software. Using Nifty, you can plan and collaborate on projects you are working on with people from different departments. In terms of how NiftyPM manages the entire project lifecycle, it does a fantastic job integrating multiple tools. With a great roadmap, you can plan your big picture and manage your documents and collaborate efficiently.


  • View the status of every project using the Project Overview.
  • Within each project, you can create documents.


3. Process Bliss

A powerful template builder is included in Process Bliss, a team workflow system that provides centralized management throughout an entire company. It has a straightforward interface, so it can be picked up quickly but can achieve mighty things. According to their description, it provides process improvement along with workflow management. The software combines an analytics system that measures the quality of each process, template suggestions. Also, a record-keeping method for preventing problems is completed. Its cost is quite competitive, and process workflows in software project management builders are an excellent tool. A plus point is the dashboard templates, which present an overview of progress logically and in detail.


  • It is possible to filter and report on workflows.
  • Build workflow templates quickly with this powerful tool.


4. Wrike

A cloud-based project and team management tool, Wrike, helps organizations manage projects. By considering users’ availability of time, they can automatically complete assignments. Editing a document online is possible with this application. Managing team efforts and tracking progress is the responsibility of the team lead. Moreover, members of the team can view their performance. Open APIs and integrations Slack, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud are among the services that use SalesForce.


  • Planned and stored information is adaptable.


5. ClickUp

Among the features of ClickUp are task management, process management, and time administration functions. Your projects, tasks, etc., will be categorized using its Mindmaps. Checklists, nesting, and sub-items are among the features of the application. In addition, can assign the indexes to people.


  • Using ClickUp, you can customize every aspect of your business.
  • You can manage unlimited tasks and members with its free plan.


6. Bitrix24

Co-working platform Birix24 offers collaboration, communication, and management tools. Messages, tasks, files, and contacts are all accessible from within Bitrix24. By creating an account and inviting colleagues, you can immediately begin using the platform. This software is the perfect resource for those seeking an affordable or accessible BPM tool. Bitrix24 has more than just a low price to offer.


  • Game consoles are all unique in their way.
  • Business24 provides advanced customer relationship management along with detailed task management metrics.


7. Freshservice

To provide proactive IT service management, Freshservice offers a wide range of features and functionalities. It reduces manual effort and costs by giving powerful automation. Moreover, you can automate internal processes with the Workflow Automator. Automating agent assignments is one of its features. Can use Workflow Automator to create approval workflows efficiently. Automating the entire approval workflow within the service desk will be possible with the tool.


  • SLA violations can be managed automatically thanks to the features it provides.
  • You can use it to monitor all support tickets based on the customs rules you create.


8. Hive

Can implement custom workflows and automated tasks with Hive. Processes and communication will be streamlined as a result. Integration with different apps is possible. Thus, you can manage all of your work in one place.


  • Automated workflows are supported.
  • An integrated inbox will provide to you.


9. Kissflow

Kissflow automates many business processes for the user. Using this feature, employees can easily demand vacation, make purchases, and request compensation for travel. The workflow is managed using SaaS. All the tools are accessible from one dashboard.


  • Handle bottlenecks easily by finding them.
  • Any automation tool can connect to you.


10. Creatio

Creatio allows for the testing and controlling of device operations. Bpm’ online makes it easier to manage sales, leads, and accounting. Cloud deployment can achieve or can execute a premise deployment.


  • The plan gets customized according to your budget since it uses a quote-based pricing scheme.
  • User-friendly interface


11. Orchestly

The Orchestly platform automates, orchestrates, and optimizes business workflows and standard operating procedures by allowing users to drag and drop processes. With it, you can track, comply, and audit your workflow. By using workflow analytics, a company can improve ROI, productivity, and operational KPIs. Any business size and industry can use it.


  • Third-party tools can be connected using APIs.
  • Reports based on default values and custom values


12. Forms On Fire

Forms On Fire helps you efficiently and accurately complete a wide range of tasks, including safety tests, reviews, and orders. Data from your systems can use to pre-fill fields. You are reducing back-and-forth travel time. It takes only 10 minutes to enter, assemble, file, and distribute forms instead of re-entering, reassembling, filing, and distributing them again. Thousands of system links and enterprise-grade security your management team will be delighted by your beneficial customer service.


  • The drag-and-drop form designer allows users to create their custom forms by selecting from a library of over 140 papers.
  • Mobile devices cache data for database synchronization once connected to a network, so users can fill out online and offline forms.


 13. FileHold

Using FileHold’s client-server system, you can easily manage millions of documents. The software tens of thousands of users can be served by this scalable, easy-to-use product of documents at once. The FileHold software also includes workflow for large companies.


  • If you can access everything electronically, you can work more effectively with your team members.
  • With Filehold, centralized storage and collaboration are two of the primary benefits.


14. Hexomatic

Hexomatic offers a platform to accelerate growth by automating and extracting data. Automate the scraping of all website data, perform analysis on your leads, perform translations at scale, and more with a few clicks. By automating repetitive tasks at scale, axiomatic can automate any workflow with cloud-based technology that runs 24/7.


15. TrackVia

Customizable applications are available. Finance, healthcare, production, etc., are some of the domains where TrackVia is functional. Large organizations mostly use it.


  • An efficient tracking process.
  • It is easy to integrate enterprise applications.


16. Pipefy

Pipefy can customize cards to suit your needs. The sprint view and Kanban can use. Experts do not need to involve. Moreover, custom templates can use. Input workflows in their entirety. Set up standardized forms so all the required information can be gathered and brought into your workflow.


  • The tool is customizable to meet your needs.
  • In addition, it offers good collaboration features and is easy to use.


17. monday.com

We can manage any project’s workflow with Monday.com. Team and project management will be made more accessible with this software. Syncing calendars, setting due dates, tracking time, graphing insights, and completing forms are all features that it offers.


  • Monitor, manage and track workloads.
  • Communicate, collaborate, and visualize data easily with it.


18. Samepage

The Samepage collaboration software solution operates on the cloud. Combining files, calendars, and tasks is possible with this award-winning software. Your customers and employees will be able to work together with it.


  • Managing documents
  • Planning and scheduling


19. Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker is an Enterprise workflow management software and boosts productivity with workflow software. IT can’t use to set up this software because it is web-based. Comindware Tracker comes equipped with a complete set of features you need to automate linear workflows or manage interconnected business processes.


  • Documentation management for all epic tickets related to a project
  • Controlling flowcharts and diagrams


20. Nintex

Nintex can automate our workflow by using this. Among the best workflow software, it is on the list. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from it. Business processes, collaborative platforms, and CMSs are automated by it.


  • Flexible plans are available from them.
  • Easy to use the software.