2POS The Power of 2

integrated Cloud-based POS System + E-commerce Salon / Spa / Gym / Fitness Studio / Music School Website. Cloud POS is accessed using High Definition 2 Screens POS Machine. The Power of Two
expands your business quicker than you think, cost-effective, fully integrated solution. You get a simple, flexible and efficient integrated solution. Whether you are starting a small salon or running multiple gyms outlets, our system is able to meet your needs.

2POS That Worth Invested In

Our 2POS System is fully equipped with a variety of useful features that you can implement in your daily tasks. Running your business becomes more efficient.

  • Improve Sales Management Process
  • Capture sales store accurately
  • Identify top selling products & categories
  • Reward salesperson performance
  • View multiple outlets sales from HQ
  • Manage & schedule delivery
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Promote Customer Royalty
  • Effectively maintain customers’ records
  • Easily create and manage loyalty system
  • Analyze customer history
  • Identify top-selling customers
  • Share customer database across multiple outlets
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintain optimal inventory level
  • Manage inventory of multiple locations
  • The stock issue to track usage
  • Stock low alert
  • Conduct stocktake with ease
  • Stock transfer among outlets
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • View reports of all of your outlet from anywhere through the internet
  • Comprehensive reports that can improve your decision making
  • Clear visibility of your business
  • Mobile access of your important KPI
Customer ModuleInventory ModuleEmployee ModuleBilling & Payment ModuleAnalytics & ReportsRating System
Customer database storingUnlimited product creation with multiple attributesTrack salesperson salesGenerate sales invoicesCentralized web-based reports for all outlets
Multiple customer groupingView stock balance of individual outlets or combinedMultiple salespersons in a single receiptApply for discounts and promotionsSales by product or category
Search for customers by various attributesView both quantity and dollar value of inventory2 salesperson in a single line receiptHold and recall sales receiptsDaily collection report
View top customersCreate purchase ordersIdentify sales person product salesAssign members to receiptTransaction reports
View customers’ past purchasesPerform goods receivedMultiple salespeople reportsAssign sales person to receiptVoided transaction reports
View product sales by customersStock transfers between outletsCapture remarksStock balance report
Apply membership discountsStock adjustments with authorizationsPurchase & redeem reward pointsValue of stock
Birthday listStock TakingView members’ past purchases
Reward Point systemLow stock quantity alert to avoid under-stockingVoid receipt with authorized approval
Membership expiry and renewalsIntegration with mobile computer or tabletPrint and reprint receipt
Synchronize member’s data across multiple outletsPrinting of barcode labels for taggingMultiple payment types
Synchronize point rewards information across multiple outlets in real timeStock card reportPartial payments: Deposit & balance payment
Keep a record of historical stock movementsArrange delivery of items
Real-time inventory across outletsVoucher management
Sell item combos
End-of-day settlement
Auto email total sales of the day for each outlet
Synchronize sales of all outlets to the backend system via the internet

Customer Experience

Loyalty Programs

Turn one-time consumers Into repeat customers

You’re in control of your loyalty program. Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and encourages customers to keep coming back for more.

  • Customize your reward structure and rewards
  • Draw from data to delight your customers
  • Go digital with a card free loyalty program

Customer Relationship Management

Treat every customer like a VIP

Deploy a customer engagement strategy powered by your CRM. Capture customer information from your POS and connect regularly to keep your business top of mind.

  • Build a community of repeat customers
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Manage client appointments from your POS

Management Solutions

2POS Insights

Complete control of your business no matter where you are

Manage single or multiple locations from anywhere with real-time reporting from the 2POS platform right on your mobile device, so you can ensure that business is going as planned.

  • Access Straight-Forward Data and Rich Visualisations
  • Maintain Complete Control of Your Labour
  • Make Informed, In-the-Moment Decisions, Even On the Go

Employee Management

From onboarding to payroll, streamline workforce operations

Manage all aspects of your workforce from one console and streamline your administrative paperwork, allowing you to focus on big-picture items.

  • Create and modify schedules for each employee
  • Assign roles and permissions to your employees
  • Track overtime and export data to your accounting software

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time

Maintain a view of your inventory in real-time. Draw from 2POS’s robust reports to make business-critical decisions.

  • Gain real-time insights on your inventory


Make data-driven decisions

Stay smart about your business with 2POS’s reporting suite that gathers data from every transaction, organizing it into detailed reports to help you analyze your business performance.

  • Identify your best selling products and manage overhead
  • Avoid stock-outs by tracking and monitoring your inventory in real-time
  • Optimize your workforce to align with business trends

Enterprise Management

Management tools for your franchise of business group

Standardize your operations across multiple locations and manage your business with 2POS’s full suite of tools for your Enterprise.

  • Manage employees payroll centrally
  • Standardize menus and product offerings
  • Gain real-time insights across multiple locations

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