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Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

The mobile apps are now the basic technology now used by modern businesses. Without technology, businesses can’t even work. They are completely dependent on technology for accuracy and perfect output. Companies in Singapore are investing more in mobile apps rather than hiring people for individual work.

Let us see these 5 industries that are witnessing the mobility revolution.


Mobile apps can also provide healthcare facilities to the users. There are different apps that provide facilities like online medicine delivery. DoctorAnywhere and Speedoc allow users to request for a doctor nearby to go to a location. These Apps also fix online appointments with the doctor. Maybe in the future, it will keep a track of medical health like heartbeat rate, Sugar levels, etc.

Retail and E-Commerce

This sector was one of the first to move into Mobile Apps for their brands and Retail Sales. Today, many brands sell their products online using mobile apps in Singapore. Customers can download their favorite brand’s mobile app and do all the window shopping and can buy the product. Products are shipped using logistics providers and a user can track their products in transit. Mobile apps in Singapore are the best platforms for marketing as well as online sales.


Talking about logistics, it has also grown along with the retail sector where it supports the delivery demand of the customer’s needs. They have become an integral part of the E-commerce supply chain to pick up products from the e-commerce suppliers and deliver to the customers. Pickup, Tracking, and Delivery are not only streamlined but also transparent so all the stakeholders in the chain are well informed of each transaction.


Apps also help in widening the scope of education by providing accurate and reliable information to the users through a short span of time. You can get various types of apps that provide you with the material and also online videos by teachers and also practical videos which helps the students to study easily.


Initially, banks were reluctant about the mobile transition. There were security concerns and Banks cannot afford to have one. The Banking industry took a long time to add a mobile layer to their banking systems. Their Mobile Apps had too many steps for many years killing the user experience. However, as of today, you can almost perform almost all of the customer-related functions that you would be doing at the bank branch. Now, Doing a transaction, want a statement, ask a query, anything can be done on the app without wasting much time.

As mobile apps can do multiple works simultaneously, this helps in expanding the business faster. Since Singapore has a ready customer mobile base, it’s a hotbed for Mobile apps developers in Singapore.

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