Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

There are features in a mobile application that could further enhance your conversion rate if you are providing a product or service via the mobile application. These features would improve customer experience, drive sales and value-add to your product/service.

At SGI we ensure that your mobile application is totally optimised and have the latest features to drive branding and conversion.

Below are 8 features that your mobile application should have:

User Profiles

By incorporating user profiles, customers could be more attached to the application with a more personalised experience. This also gives you insights to likes and dislikes of customers and you could re-market your products easily. With personalisation, you could also store customer details and make their future transactions more seamless and faster, thus increasing return rate.

Push notifications

The simple fact that we are with our phones almost all the time deems for push notifications to be highly important for communication with your customers. Be it a bump for a new product or letting them in on a new discount, it is a great feature to have in your mobile application. Furthermore, studies have shown that push notifications through mobile applications could have a 50% more opening rate than emails.

Location tagging

Location tagging could allow for a great platform for data collection and analysis. It is common nowadays for consumers to share their location either by dropping a pin or by geo-tagging it into a photo. With location tagging features, you could further customise reminders or notifications for individual customers based on their location to visit your nearest store or outlet. This would also give you a good idea of where your customers are from or where they usually hang out, which could be great metadata to have.

Product Search Bar

Especially if you are in the retail industry, the product search bar is very vital because there could be so many products that you are selling. Those customers with the intent of searching for one particular product has such a high chance in converting and it would go to waste if he or she could not locate that product on your mobile application. By adding this one search bar, it makes life easier for your customers and may also bring up your conversion rate.

Social Media Integration

It is no surprise that social media is at the heart of our consumers in this day, and businesses can barely survive without dwelling in social media. Make the best use of social media by integrating it into your mobile application, so that customers would easily identify your social media and follow through with their clicks. This way you can also keep them more engaged and browse longer within your platforms.

Customer Support

This could be in the form of a live chatbot integrated into your mobile application. Customer support is very important to retain customers and bringing in new customers alike. Having an outlet whereby customers could send their queries to would take out a lot of frustration of not getting what they want. Having said that, it is also vital to ensure the chatbot is easy to locate and is responsive. If not, it would just add on to their frustration and they might end up leaving or deleting your mobile application. This is also a great communication channel to collect customer feedback and further improve on your business.

Customer Loyalty Programs

This is a sure-fire way of getting your customers hooked onto returning for more purchases. Grab has done a good job in this by having a tiered-loyalty system in their mobile application. Having the loyalty programs in your mobile application also makes it easier for your customers to check their current status and tier, thus making them more likely to purchase for the sake of loyalty points.

Virtual Reality

At this point of technological advancement, it is not rare for mobile applications to integrate some sort of VR into functions, be it having certain products that can be tried on without physically being at the store, or having some VR functions to allow for customers to experience a service or atmosphere before entering your premises. VR is only going to get bigger and soon it would be a norm for all mobile applications.


These basic features would ensure that your mobile application is usable and convenient. There are so many other features, some complicated ones such as special gestures and more mobile-optimised functions. We have been developing cost-effective and quality mobile applications for both Singaporean and overseas enterprises for a decade.

If you want to learn more about how to make the best use of your mobile application by including such features, or if you are looking to make a customised mobile application from scratch, feel free to reach out to us at marketing@sginteractive.com.sg to book a consultation.