AI and Mobile App Development

AI and Mobile App Development – What you expect in 2019.

Building a mobile app or having a mobile app is a basic necessity for the business just like a website. It caters to its end user and customer needs. Nowadays the people who want to expand a business in Singapore can do through developing mobile apps through a reputed a mobile apps developer in Singapore. This provides a good platform to show their innovative features and provide customer services and interact on demand.

The role of emerging technologies like AI, VR, and IoT is significant in the paradigm shift from website to mobile apps. Some of the companies in Singapore are already mobile apps driven and expanding their business more accurately at a greater pace in the right direction. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been descended down with some better grounds only this year. It is totally different from current technologies.

AI is very helpful for developers to come up with intelligent apps that can function like humans. Still, making use of AI in the mobile apps, the developers were not so comfortable with the technology because of its complex functionality and immense scope. One must understand that AI has grown beyond chatbots and virtual assistants. It assists the app developers to provide an interactive experience to the app users while simplifying their daily tasks.

Before an app developer embarks on the AI journey there are a few necessary skills for the app developers to integrate AI features smartly in the business centric mobile app.

Problem-solving techniques
When developing an app a mobile app developer need to keep in mind all the experience that they we will be providing to the users and what functions are to be made in the app. Sometimes when stuck at some point and not able to find any solution for that particular problem. When it comes to AI, the concept relies on logical reasoning for solving problems. Here, mobile app developers need to have high problem-solving techniques to implement the AI advancements more effectively. Else AI will not be that useful even after using it within a mobile app.

Building a powerful algorithm
This processes and analysis of available data given in the app and makes predictions according to the given insights that what will be next step for this app. What more data we can add to increase the value of the app? There, the mobile app developers need to have capabilities of creating an algorithm in line with the business model of the client. The algorithm can collect the data and process on it to get meaningful insights for the end users.

Content and services-related skills
In this skill mainly two questions arise from the mobile app developer point of view, first is what does the customer want and second is how to provide it. The features and the services which are provided by the app should be sustainable in nature and the functionality should easy so that users can easily operate and understand. The content should be updated regularly so that the users gain more interest in the content part also.

The capability of understanding user’s behavior AI, together with Machine Learning (ML), big data, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, has entered the mobile world to provide a personalised and tailored experience to the users. The study of behavior patterns enables developers to offer features and solutions that are most suitable for users. Learning of user behavior can enable the app developers to ensure effective integration of AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a very versatile and unique technology which is helping any mobile app development company to develop apps in a more accurate and faster way.

Are you looking for an AI powered mobile app for your company?