Application Maintenance

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Application Maintenance

Lets get the basics on why you need us on Application and Web Maintenance Services

Why is it important?

You Save Cost
You Focus on your core Business
You’re free from staff replacement
You’re confident on work quality and performance
You don’t invest in Tools, hardware and technology

Cost versus Value

When a company that is considering a Outsourced Application Maintenance Services versus own in-house maintenance team the first thing that comes into mind is usually the cost, and in particular, in-house team will cost more. The costs can be defined as visible and hidden costs.

The visible cost are the team salaries and the hardware infrastructure required. But there are many costs that are hidden such as: management costs, HR costs, payroll processing costs, sick cover, paying overtime for holiday cover or temporary labour costs, CPF, training and development costs, maybe additional services are being engaged because the in-house team doesn’t have the skills. These overruns the maintenance budgets most of the times.

On the Plus side the Outsourced Application Maintenance Services you are simply passing your team on to another company. The contracted company will engage all resources required to maintain your services and you minimise cost and deliver maximised service delivery.

In terms of expertise, in-house maintenance teams seldom have any real competition and so it is difficult for a company to understand whether their team is at par with technical standards. Whereas Outsourced Application Maintenance Services usually will have necessary industry par standards as they need to compete with their peers.

Besides the Outsourced Application Maintenance provider will keep up their standards high to keep their ongoing contract.

Why take this step with us?

We have been in the business of development services and maintaining services with startups, idea-incubators and Enterprises for a long time. It helps them to focus on their business rather focussing on solving day to day technical issues.

If you view the maintenance function as a means to deliver business performance, you see us as your external team but having same goals.

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