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An automobile chatbot (Autobots) can answer questions and help you get things done faster.


mainstream use of social media for marketing & sales

With the mainstream use of social media for marketing and sales, it’s essential for auto dealers to engage meaningfully with their customers. Prospective customers usually prefer to chat and messages to immediately get in touch with your car dealership.

If your digital marketing department is struggling to promptly respond to customers’ messages and queries while posting content, and promoting sales all at once, then Autobots is the best solution.

Autobot Benefits
Reach Reach

Let customers reach down to the cars selection

Responds Responds

Responds to customer questions instantly and 24/7

Powered By Powered By

Powered by AI

Powered by AI Powered by AI

Autobot allows you to learn from customer conversations and understand their intentions using natural language processing - AIML 2.0.

Analytics & Reporting Analytics & Reporting

View metrics at a glance to track the chat engagement, allowing you to segment and personalize for your customers effectively.

Low Monthly Subscription Low Monthly Subscription

You will only just pay monthly subscription fees of SGD 199.

Auto Dealers
Integrated Customer Service Integrated Customer Service

A perfect solution to automate your frontline support, from pre-sales to after sales so your customer service team can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Give Answers, FAQ Give Answers, FAQ

We can input answers on dozens of questions. Your visitors expect answers to be provided online, and are receptive to your tips and guidance when it is relevant to them. In most cases you will want to provide answer that help visitors turn into leads, sales, conversions, solve inquiries; such as answers on pricing, shipping, company details, deals, etc.

Turn Visitors into Sales Leads Turn Visitors into Sales Leads

Autobot can generate interest in your products or services and gather the visitors email or phone number so you can close the sale. This is called a "lead". Each new lead is a hot opportunity for a sale because they were interested in your offering and provided their phone/email to be contacted by you.

The Solution

SGI brings you Autobot – A 24×7 customer support service powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) whereby people can interact with a chatbot through messaging interface. This can be deployed on the webpage. It helps visitors on your website 24/7 whereby it can answer hundreds of questions instantly without the need for a human operator. It reduces inquiries reaching your phone or email by learning to respond to all common service questions. It enables visitors to get in touch with human support with the built-in form or LiveChat intervention.

Autobots works 365 days every year, and you can do it all from your automotive dealership. With a more traditional business, you have to close your doors at some point, but with this, you can keep the line of communication open.


What is the difference between the Facebook Messenger Chatbot Vs Autobot?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot works only on Facebook but Autobot can be integrated onto your website.

How does Autobot work?

Visitors will only need to enter what they want to know like a normal conversation. After which, Autobot will response instantly where it will pick the key phrases and keywords, and provide the most appropriate answers.

Is there possible to direct the contact details of the online visitors to the front end sales?

Yes, we can provide the API and integrate with your website.

Do I need to provide any documents / info for the development of Autobot?

Yes, you will need to provide all the relevant information of the cars including the models, variants, common questions people will ask, and the desired answers with the images of the cars.

What kind of the content can I put into the Autobot?

You can put the text, images or even hyperlink which will direct your customers to the specific website that you want them to be.

If there is any new models / update info that need to be change after the development, can I still add into the existing development and how it will be charged?

Yes, you can contact us and we will let you know the price.

How is the cost charged?

You will only just pay monthly subscription fees of SGD 199.

Will I need to pay any license fee?

No, you will not need to pay any license fee. However, you will need to pay monthly subscription fees of SGD 199.

Does it come with Google Analytics and reporting?

Yes, the whole package comes with Google Analytics and reporting.

Autobots Works 24/7
Autobot works 365 days

Autobot works 365 days every year, and you can do it all from your automotive dealership. With a more traditional business.

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