Automatelah – Facility Management

For Facility Management Companies

Facility Management is a complex workflow across the Facility Management Companies in Singapore as well as around the world. While servicing a facility the cleaners and supervisors have to follow countless guidelines as well as adhere to various compliance as set by the customer, Environment Agencies, Construction Agency, Building owners as well as satisfying the end users.

Automate-lah–Facility Management System Software enables any facility management company to provide a smart and powerful ecosystem. The Facility Management System Software manages the various departments like Sales & Business Development, Operations, Inventory and Back office including Human Resource Management and Accounting & Finance. It specialises in providing SaaS solutions for enterprises. It allows facility management business owners to view what their workforce is doing and also what their customer should be looking at on a day to day basis. 

A few areas where Automate-lah–Facility Management System Software helps are

  • Full CRM for new business generation
  • Managing roster and shift
  • Realtime worker status with location based attendance and its instant report generation 
  • Onsite and central inventory management
  • Onsite work report
  • Supervisor feedback 
  • Ticket based customer support
  • Automated Billing AI to indicate upcoming billing
  • A/R & A/P
Centralised Team Management Centralised Team Management

Automate-lah–Facility Management Software enables organisations to establish hybrid workplaces. Explore the workplace solution empowering teams. You may have different teams working in different countries but still working as one team.

Automate your End- to- End Facility Management System Automate your End- to- End Facility Management System

With Automatelah Facility Management Software transform your workplace to a smarter, safer and technically updated workplace to work from both office and work sites.

Work Smarter using Automate-lah. It saves your time and money.
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