Automatelah – Project Management

Best suited for Contractors and Onsite works

With Project Management Software you can design teams, plan, manage it and execute their projects from start to end. It can cater to different Industries such as

Interior Design
Building Construction

IT Development & Deployment Projects

Any other Project containing milestones and its tasks to track and manage project progress 

Automatelah – Project Management System Software can structure your project tasks and milestones. You will be able to assign and review the completion of each task leading to a particular milestone completion. By adopting a structured method you will be able to set up a workflow within your organisation increasing productivity. This allows you and your customers to be on the same page to draw right information from a centralised access system. This helps in bringing in various stakeholders to input their information back to the teams for project meetings while keeping an eye on work progress.

To execute this workflow from start to finish you can take help of Automate-lah work management software can help you in it.


Why to have Project Management Software?

– To maintain multiple projects at the same time
– In project management you need a constant update and cooperate with contractors, suppliers, and vendors
– To manage accounts and invoices
–  Keep track of inventory and sourcing new products

And many more uses.
With Automate-lah project management software manage all tasks with ease.


Automate-lah Project Management Software Benefits

– Create Projects and Milestones
– Add Manpower Resources
– Assign, Track and Manage milestones with task management 

– Manage Vendors, Contractors, and Clients
– Create Real-time purchase sheet
– Manage inventory
– Collaborate with the team
– Track bill
– Create Reports
– Customise projects
– Easy-to-use interface
– Manage workflow from start to end


Keep your Workflow Managed with Automate-lah Work Management Software

Using Project Management Software can help you organise, track and provide better services to your users and clients. So get started with Automate-lah now. 

Work Smarter using Automate-lah. It saves your time and money.
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