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A Sales lead generation and capturing method should be lean yet powerful allowing all possibilities to capture the lead within the organisation. However, if it couples with a Service Module it helps most of the traders who are engaged in Sales as well as Servicing the equipment, parts and installation. With industry knowledge and a power of customisation and integration option to other modules makes Automatelah-SalesNSRepair CRM feature-rich and powerful. 

How does it work?

If you are a just a trading company with warranty support or a company representing major engaged.


Why to have Customer Service Software?

– With Automate-lah grow your leads faster, find new customers easily and close deals quickly.
– Track all CRM leads with detailed information
– Track lead information like where a marketing campaign lead came from, read the relevant insights you can act on, and write and track emails from the CRM solution. It’s everything you need to convert more leads, faster.


Why to have Client Management Software?

Automate-lah Operations management Software empowers teams with adaptable practices and streamlined workflows that brings dev and ops together.

In the digital world today, sales and service play an important role in customer satisfaction and retention. Automate-lah Customer Service Software can assist you in taking your business towards the road of successful sales and good customer experience.


Automate-lah Customer Service Management Software Benefits

There are many benefits of this Best Sales software

To setup project workflow quickly and efficiently
– Provide easy  tracking of the work across the organization
– This sales CRM helps in managing risk and deploy changes with ease
– Better lead management and conversions
– Enhanced team collaboration

Work Smarter using Automate-lah. It saves your time and money.
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