With Automate-Lah – You can Leverage on Business Process Management and Provide Workflow Automation for Singapore Enterprises


Automate your process workflow

Automate-lah allows enterprises to kick-start their adoption of technology and enhances productivity—and execute efficiently through process automation. It’s quite in-line with Singapore’s GO-DIGITAL strategy making SMEs Digitally in control of their businesses.

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What is Automate-lah?

Automate-lah – is a Workflow management system platform that works as 6 senses of the human body, it can make the workforce work in co-ordination. Workflow automation software Singapore can guide and drive SME’s day to day tasks quicker, error-free, and with accountability. You can automate a full-scale Workflow Management System Singapore in Sales, CRM, Human Resource, Service and Maintenance, Customer Service, Finance, Production, Warehousing, and other areas to work in an alert and stress-free work environment. We have studied numerous industries and SMEs in Singapore to custom Automate-lah workflow management system Singapore. It can allow Singapore enterprises to allow work-from-home or remote working or work-life-balance patterns while having complete control of your business.

Workflow Automation software

Redefining your Business Process with Automation

Automate service requests with a custom optimised workflow and reap benefits as a long term business continuity and expansion plan. If you can think of business process automation, Automate-lah can deliver for you.

Automate-lah Automation

Run your tasks with performance

Once you have set a workflow selecting the stakeholders, each one of them are notified. And if the tasks are not fulfilled it notifies back to you as an alert.

Automatelah Business Process Automation

Control Processes: in-office or remotely

With a centralised business process management, you can decrease redundant tasks and continuous monitoring. It allows to re-use captured data and alert stakeholders at the right time, every time. Automate-lah workflow management system processes are so accurate that it make time for you while focussing on your  team, customers, and stakeholders.

Work from anywhere and still be in full control of your business.

Custom Business Processes increases productivity

Why business owners love Automate-lah?

Because It Allows Process Redesign, Product Development & Business Process Automation, serving as business erp solution.
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How Automate-lah helps you save time and reach your goals faster?

One workflow that works on web and mobile containing full organisational data elimiating anyone to go out of the system

Workflow Automation software

Multiple departments can work together wiht crosslinking information and instructions as defined by the organisational protocols.

Automatelah Workflow Automation software

No need for reminders, users are notified to perform their tasks

Workflow Automation software

Each time a user is managing a task accountablity is captured

Enterprises Singapore

You can control users and their actions

Automatelah Enterprise Singapore
Workflow Automation software

Believe it, error-proof workflows are real

Work Smarter using Automate-lah. It saves your time and money.
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