Google Mobile Apps for Singapore is getting updated every moment with their new features. Google is augmenting its Location-based services so that businesses can take full advantage of this mobile app in Singapore.

This App is a collection of various elements i.e. Streamlines APIs (application programme Interface). This feature was specially designed for the third parties, which can incorporate the location-based feature of the app. The first use of this feature will be applicable to those companies which are ride-sharing and delivery companies like Grab, Go-jek, FoodPanda and other businesses. Using Google’s Location-Based Services they can track the location of their vehicles or drivers in real time. This helps the passengers and customers to get at their destination faster and safer. This app also helps in growing company’s ambition also. It’s a piece of real-time information, for example, how busy a restaurant is, where you parked your car etc.

How Google Does this? The Google maps mobile app has a feature called the “location sharing” feature. This reveals the exact location of the person and also help in sharing a vehicle or walking through the desired lanes to reach the destination faster and easier. The Google app has combined 18 individual API’s which were divided into three core products:-

  • Maps
  • Routes
  • Places

This mobile app api is also helpful for the app developers in Singapore. In the future and also it might get upgraded according to the needs of the people.

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