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Estimated reading time: 1 minute(s)

Singapore does everything in Style. It may not be the first city to implement technological amenities but implements quickly and efficiently to facilitate the residents in the island city.

Noticed an SBSTransit bus that offered free Wi-Fi for riders to use wi-fi while using the internet. There are now many buses offering USB charging ports and free Wi-Fi. Singapore buses are moving to catch up with its riders’ technology.

Finding new and innovative ways to further improve people’s lives is the key to innovation in Singapore. This is one good idea to facilitate mobile apps users in Singapore.

Once connected to the Bus Wi-Fi, buses allow mobile app users in Singapore to save mobile data on their plan as offered by Singtel, Starhub, and M1. The free service allows passengers to keep in touch through email and social media, browse the internet, and even clear their morning emails working on their laptops on the bus.

Having free internet will make mobile app users are glued to their social media accounts or news portals more than before. It will increase the user engagement of news mobile apps in Singapore.