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Estimated reading time: 3 minute(s)

The world is currently going through a pandemic where 209 countries have been affected, surpassing 2 million reported cases and many yet to be identified. Over the past few months, countries like United States, Spain and Italy have been hit with the highest number of cases which led to an islandwide lockdown. Singapore currently hold the highest number of reported cases in South East Asia and it is growing rapidly as we are speaking. 

In order to alleviate the impact, the government came up with a bold yet compromising decision by implemented restrictions on outbound movement. Organisations are executing their employees to work from home in effort of practising social distancing in the workforce. As businesses are trying to adapt to the new regulations, employees are finding it difficult to communicate with each other as a team. The lack of face to face interactions will most likely cause miscommunication within the organisation. Thanks to invention of technology and the development of many applications, one can easily access the complexity of the internet to communicate with their colleagues and employers during this isolation period.

Working from home can be complicated and confusing for some employees as it takes time to adjust to the changes in their working environment. A workflow management system ( WMS ) is a software that is highly participated especially during the isolation period as it uses automation to optimize your company’s business processes and includes mapping, planning, and coordinating all of your business structure. WMS is divided into three components: input, transformation, and output. The materials and resources have to be presented in order to complete a step. A specific set of orders which dictate how the input will be received and what will be done. Lastly, the materials and resources need to be produced by steps that act as input. It should allow you to manage your workflow as to how it is and it also allows you to track all the activities made by your teams. It is critical to have this functionality as it prevents people from wasting time by waiting around for their services when needed. WMS allows you to know who is doing what and when. It creates a culture of accountability and it also creates a clear job description which helps to define employees role more accurately. It results in meeting your expectations easier.

With the mention of a circuit breaker, the Government of Singapore has strictly advised all non-essential workers to either work from home or suspend their work temporarily. Food establishments in Singapore are obligated to terminate the dine-in option temporarily and carry out services through delivery platforms such as Foodpanda, Grab food, and Deliveroo instead. E-commerce firms are also moving towards delivery platforms in an effort of encouraging consumers to stay at home.

Recently, Google has officially announced that they were going to publish user location data to aid the government in tackling Covid-19. It has made available for over 131 countries so far and Singapore is included. It helps by tracking the movement trends in public places such as in parks, shops, and places of work. It also helps to detect traffic movement whenever users activated their location history. Based on the report given by the Google location database, it has shown a significant drop in public places. However, many citizens are still skeptical and unwillingly to participate in using Google application to track their compliance with quarantines as they argued the lack of privacy measures.

Due to restricted outbound movement, many people have started relying on the internet to stay updated on information and articles surrounding Covid-19. The consumption of digital content has increased by 70% while more than 12% growth in streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and etc. The result has demonstrated that people are using the internet more than before as a way to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether the use of the internet is for work, school, or entertainment, there is no denying that technology is fundamental to our daily lives regardless of its purpose. The implication of technology has definitely improved productivity as it is a form of limitless connectivity where it connects people anywhere, anytime.