Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

Technology is evolving rapidly than ever, businesses are starting to turn into e-commerce and workflow automation. Technology has both intangible and tangible benefits that will utterly promote growth in online as well as offline businesses that take advantage of it.

There is no denying that the functionality of web and mobile apps technology in Singapore has provided more simplicity in terms of communicating with customers. It is essential to build good customer relations as it determines the level of success a business will achieve. In today’s world, customers are no longer interested in just the products you can offer, but how you sell your products on web and mobile and what will happen after the products have been sold by using the right customer support system. Another factor to consider is customers tend to develop loyalty in your business when they are satisfied with the customer experience they have during the buying process. Therefore, the ability to respond fast to a customer’s inquiry through a ticket-based customer support system is an important step to building a relationship with your customers.

With technology allowing you to create platforms using the web and mobile apps development, you will be able to build a custom workflow management system and respond to your customers within minutes or so with the help of live chat features or Autobot chat. It creates better communication with your customers and it will eventually lead to a stronger public image.

Custom-built technology-supported platforms and workflow management systems also promote operational efficiency. Workflow Management System monitors performance and assists in the various departments including Sales, Human Resource, Operations, and other departments within an organization. It controls and keeps track and reports to the required stakeholders. It also helps to reduce or extinguish duplications in the workflow and it speeds up by creating automation alerts for specific tasks. Logistics and Warehouse inventory applications target automation calculation which can help to reduce manpower and prevent human errors in stock taking. Managing cash flow through applications saves more time and it is more accurate.

The role of accounting in business is pivotal as it provides financial information to the stakeholders, creditors and investors. Accounting usually may be done by one person or many different teams depending on the size of the company and it can stretch out its budget for small businesses to hire an accountant. In comparison of an accounting application to an accountant, it is proven that the application has the ability to captures and records all accounting transactions more effectively and reduces business costs than what an accountant can offer.

As the usage of web and mobile apps technology rises in Singapore, businesses now are more prone to security threats and cyber-attacks. Technology can be used to protect and guard financial data, confidential information, competitive advantages, and sacred resources. While using a tech security system, it will alert users when unknown servers have been connected to its own system which can be an opening for hackers to obtain certain information. It is also to be noted that almost all mobile application development lacks security features. As a result of this, most apps have been hacked and it can be costly and creates potential threats to your customers. The reasons behind these security concerns are because android allows anyone to develop and publish an application, many users fail to update their applications or developers face a shortage in supply to create a safe application. It is important for mobile application development to be designed in a way that developers would have internal control.

Without technology, social selling will never cease to exist. Nowadays, many businesses are shifting their marketing campaigns online. Advertising, selling and delivery products to consumers have been undertaken through digital platforms such as on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc. Digital marketing campaigns are able to connect to more targeted audiences easier and faster. For an instance, direct marketing is an adverting strategy that consist of distributing sales pitch to specific individuals through email, text or calls. Its operating cost is significantly lower and more effective than physical marketing.

Over the years, it has proven results that technology contributes to a business’s growth. It is just the beginning as technology will continue to thrive and improve businesses.