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Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

Carrying out regular inspections is essential in prolonging the service of an asset. equipment and facilities. For decades, companies whose businesses involve some kind of inspection or survey have been using paper-based forms or checklists to perform their inspections out in the field. The inspectors have to enter the data collected manually into his computer system when he reaches office. This process requires plenty of time to complete and maintain accuracy of the checklists and reports to be generated later.

By using Inspectlah – Mobile Inspection App, the supervisor can create customized checklists templates at the desktop and assign multiple inspection jobs by scheduling them on various occasions. Inspectors only need to capture the data once using the mobile device even in an offline mode.

The data collected are then synced with the central database when there is internet access without missing out on any information. Engineers/Inspectors/technicians can generate detailed reports on the GO for management reporting. Inspectlah eliminates the piling of paper checklists and reduces manpower costs due to its simplicity thus saving time and money to your entire work-flow. Because of instant transfer to your central database, your inspection reports will allow you to see real-time impacts and benefits to your business. The reports are downloaded or can be sent over to customers for faster interactions.


    • The app can be used in many industries such as:

Marine Inspections/Surveys
Facilities Management
Chemical Analysis
Vehicle/Vessel Inspections
Fire protection
Aircraft Inspections
And other Field Operations

Deploy Inspectlah App in your specific operations to speed up the completion of jobs. Allow yourselves to focus on your service quality of every job and earn more customers.