iPhone App Development

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iPhone App Development

iOS is the operating system that powers all of Apple’s mobile devices, and places a huge amount of emphasis on keeping things simple for developers and the end user alike. This operating system oversees the device’s hardware (much like the human brain over body parts) and in essence, provides the technologies required to run native apps.

We develop apps using:

  • OSX
  • Interface Builder
  • Objective C

Along with these native skills, we come equipped with knowledge in the latest Software Development Kit with frameworks like:

  • UI Kit
  • SQLite
  • Core Location
  • GData
  • Zxing
  • Map Kit
  • Video Streaming
  • Compass API
  • Apple push service

Why take this step?

Even though Android dominates the market in sheer volume, and the average price of an app on Google Play is at least a dollar more than an app on the Apple App Store, iOS developers still come out tops, because Apple users are just that much more willing to spend than their Android peers.

Long term prospects

  • iOS has more security
  • Apple only approves quality apps
  • easy to use interface
  • iOS users are willing buyers of good apps
  • Apple has a better relationship with its consumers than Android does
  • iOS is just consistent

Why take this step with us?

Our work so far has encompassed a plethora of industries, all of whom are jockeying for higher profitability and visibility in the long run. With each foray, our extensive experience and pedantic processes lend a hand into the incredible amount of research and studies of the entities involved, which essentially entail knowing the instances in which a particular app will be executed in and delivering the correct match of technology. In due course, we also provide a leg up in terms of quality assurance, which is critical in delivering a bug-free product.

For want of side-notes, we have also mastered the techniques essential for the successful integration of a mobile app with an enterprise back-end platform. And lastly, your ideas are safe with us! By way of confidentiality agreements of course.

Take a look at what we’ve produced successfully thus far!

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