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Increased all-around efficiency

Factories and plants that are connected are now way more efficient, way more productive, and needless to say, smarter than their predecessors. In a world where companies and industries constantly are on the lookout to adapt and keep abreast with their peers or even stay ahead of the game for that matter, connectivity is one of the top things listed in their priorities.

An estimated 10 percent of industrial operations right now are currently on the connected bandwagon, according to reports. “Global competitive pressures are challenging industrial and manufacturing companies to drive inefficiencies out of their systems, manage workforce skills gaps and uncover new business opportunities” – John Nesi, Vice President of Market Development, Rockwell Automation.

There have been stories of remarkable growth in efficiency when new software and hardware were incorporated, resulting in “faster marketing, improved asset utilization and optimization, the lower total cost of ownership, workforce efficiency, enterprise risk management, and smarter expenditures.” (Forbes, 2014)

An example of reducing the need for human labor is the connected systems in place at General Electric. Data is collected 24-7 about processes going on throughout the plants, with numerous sensors embedded in assembly lines, which enable just a single person to find out the status of production in real-time, with the option of sharing info gleaned by these sensors with colleagues in other departments, all over the plants.

In addition to efficiency, and a better understanding of a factory’s processes, the workplace becomes an infinitely safer place to work in when workers aren’t required to check on faults that may occur during production. These are the kinds of instances where accidents happen, can be prevented and manufacturing will not face harsh labels as ‘dangerous’ in the industry world.

In Singapore, efforts have been put in place to encourage automation, drive productivity, and upscale the manufacturing industry, in bids to internationalize and gain access to overseas markets seamlessly.

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