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The changing landscape

People want to be connected wherever they go, and they want relevant content delivered to them, on top of recommendations – which is the dream that media producers revolve their ambitions around every day. Our world as it is already centered on communication, but now it is prospecting communication between things too, not just between humans.

In the U.S, Pew Research Centre found that 39 of the top 50 news sites get more traction on mobile devices than on desktops, saw a drop in ad revenue for print newspapers, which isn’t all too surprising, this shift in news consumption.

In the U.K, it was found that habits in media consumption that have been formed are slow and hard to break. It seems that new developments in technology do not always rip up the rulebook that easily, but its promise of delivering across a wider ecosystem of touchpoints sits well with customers and audiences alike.

In the media and entertainment value chain, IoT data sources can be taken advantage of in order to better understand their customers. In the case of Situational Analytics, organizations can use network-centric data to measure current behaviors, performance, and competition to support day to day processes in decision making. With Predictive Analytics, it is possible to anticipate customer behavioral patterns and gain business intelligence to improve offerings. Prescriptive Analytics, on the other hand, will improve the ability to respond to customer interactions in the wake of crisis management or to develop more intuitive user experiences in delivering content.

With technology providers and industry groups integrating and collaborating within a diverse ecosystem, creating an immersive environment that will augment a plethora of media experiences is truly exciting to anticipate.

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