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Previously unheard of and unthought of, there have been developments in the measurement of food, right down to the calories and other nutrients in grams and ounces. This is especially useful in a time where home-cooked food is not very accessible in this world of increased mobility and longer working hours.

When developments like these make their way to public health departments, hospitals and non-profit organizations like Red Cross, we know the world is in better equipped to deal with the frailties of life. Said Rahul Grewal (founder and owner of Svaast, another IoT entrant in the nutrition industry), “It is an enabling application that can be utilized across a limitless range of population worldwide and we are privileged to be working for this cause. In order to address the rampant malnourishment in the developing/under-developed countries, we want to help the next generation by monitoring growth and nutritional status of children by creating nutritional awareness.”

In addition to food consumption, activity levels for an average human is also vital for the nutrition industry, and while it has always been difficult to gauge the subject’s level of physical activity, these days, wearable technology in the form of an activity monitor has enabled the monitoring of mobility and even intensity, which goes a long way in making a real impact.

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