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Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

There are many things to note and also many questions to ask yourself when it comes to building a mobile app.

Cost is a big factor in the development of a mobile app. It is common for mobile apps developers in Singapore to base their costs on these primary factors. Let’s see what essentially affects the price to develop a mobile app.

The primary factors influencing development costs include:

  1. Business Model
  2. Platform
  3. Functionality

1. Choosing the Right Business Model

As covered in the previous article, the business model is one of the most vital factors and should be step one when it comes to planning for the development of a mobile app. This entails your decision if you are going for a free app model or a paid app model and the strategy to earn revenue from this mobile app. From here, the complexity of development can be determined and makes it easier to select the following factors.

2. Selecting the right platform

There are two typical native platforms you could choose to develop your app for iOS or Android. The development price varies between the two, depending on which one you choose to go for. Obviously, there are pros and cons to either side. Simply put, iOS apps have strict guidelines to adhere to but it could give you higher security and quality. With that, it also comes with a high price-tag to develop iOS apps. As for Android apps, it is cheaper to develop and has a wider base of mobile users to tap into, but it takes longer to develop Android apps and the customer base statistically pays lesser. At the end of the day, it depends heavily on your business model, target audience and strategy for your app.

3. Picking your app’s core functionality

The functionality of the mobile app also matters in development costs. This determines if the app has simple or complex functions. Some simple mobile apps use the table or list-based functions which simply just collects information and presents it in a simple interface. A complex functionality could be dynamic apps or gaming apps. Dynamic apps cooperate with other platforms and software via APIs. There are forms of simple APIs but usually, they are complex and this need for integration would contribute to a big chunk of the development cost. You would be rather focussed on your core functionality rather than writing a super app every time.

To wrap it up, these are the three primary factors amongst many others, that contributes to the cost of making a mobile app. I hope this helps in your planning and selecting a suitable mobile apps developer in Singapore. If you are considering a suitable and reputable mobile apps developer in Singapore, SG Interactive is by far one of the leading apps developers in Singapore, with a vast portfolio and experience of more than a decade. Feel free to drop us an email at marketing@sginteractive.com.sg to find out more.