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Retail & Marketplace

There are two major types of consumers: See offline, buy online. See online, buy offline.

This is where retailers (both online and offline) provide product and service information in exchange for transactions.

Why take the plunge?

Economic improvement, changes in categorical consumption and innovation in technology are some of the factors that will impact the retail marketplace for the foreseeable future. There has been growth across a broader array of departments and categories because consumer needs have been found to be best met when at the intersection of brick-and-mortar retail and digital retail. Connected commerce is fast becoming a reality as consumers become more mobile over the long term, and 85 percent of the world population is expected to use the internet by the end of the decade. (Russo, 2015)

Why take the plunge with us?

Apps in the retail and marketplace sphere have one thing in common; they have plenty of content, numerous merchants and staggering numbers of SKUs. To support such an ecosystem would require vast scalability and efficient data management, something we know a thing or two about.

Our expertise in this arena spells out as such:

  • Cross category/tag-based search
  • Mass notification with tagging
  • Merchant and User management
  • In-App editing and uploading
  • Micropayments and transactions
  • Banking Integration
  • Coupons, Loyalty & Rewards

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