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Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

Field Inspection in Singapore is a process in which people are involved with a lot of paper documents such as form templates, maps, charts, and so on to inspect a particular work. These inspections are carried out in residential homes, hospitals, commercial offices, warehouses, marine-related activities, and many more places. Inspection is time-consuming and requires large manpower resources in

a) carrying out inspection
b) putting together the inspection data

The process of Inspection in Singapore involves inspector /surveyor/technician to perform assigned inspections on a regular basis. As this work increases employment but, at the same time investment in manpower expenses increases dramatically. It’s practical, that if the inspection companies have a large number of employees, the expense rate will automatically increase. Sometimes proportionately and sometimes disproportionately. By any means It is an expensive process also.

As you all know that each one of us carries iPhone or Android Mobile Phones and devices and the Mobile Apps are a good medium to work fast and efficiently. So, to mobile apps based inspection systems are the right solution to

a) decrease our expenses
b) decrease time in generating and delivering output reports

Inspection based mobile apps Apps like Inspectlah make the work perfect for inspection companies are available in Singapore.

Mobile Apps based field inspection platform increases inspection productivity during outages by reducing the time to document inspections and streamlining the workflow. Repair work starts faster and allows more repairs to be done during an outage.

Users of Inspectlah Mobile apps based Inspection platform is a tested platform by the industry specialist. It allows inspectors to capture inspection findings using mobile or tablet during an inspection. Inspector can use it without an internet connection in OFFLINE mode too. In addition, users are able to access and review information collected from previous inspections while in the field.

While the world is moving towards technology, its time for the inspection industry to seriously consider bringing in and use mobile apps technology platforms like inspectlah to drive their productivity and accuracy.

Do you use technology for inspection of your organization?

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