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Knowing thyself and thy sport

We’ve already got some pretty amazing developments in the sporting arena, from stadiums, fantasy sports, virtual reality, wearable tech, smart player gear, etc all lumped in with the immense possibilities that social, mobile and analytics provide.

There have already been postulations of mobile apps being able to guide you to the nearest parking slot, your allocated seat, providing access to instant replays during games, close-ups and getting food and beverage delivered to you. That’s just the possibilities that spectators get to drool at.

Players and coaches will get to monitor everything from head to toe: head impact data, boot, and stick sensor data in game and post game, all in efforts to take sports to the next level.

In fitness, developments have risen in the form of wristbands like Fitbit, a ‘connected’ t-shirt by Athos, and brain-sensing headbands from MUSE. The distance you’ve traveled, muscle performance data, and brain activity data can all be tracked and monitored via these amazing developments.

Safety is, of course, paramount in this industry, with plenty of devices being created to manage the risks across all sports. In instances like concussions, impacts can be measured and analyzed to let officials and medical teams know if players can continue in a particular game or risk further injury.

Sports has also become a fairer arena to partake in, where sports like football has seen developments like chips being implanted into footballs to track its movement and position at any point during the match, which could be crucial to referees and umpires and their decision-making.

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