Supply Chain Management

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Importers and exporters around the globe face challenges day after day in delivering right consignments to the right customer. It is just the start of a complex problem to be solved ahead. What we have here, is a simple solution to a complex manual system.

“Visible packing slips for all packed items. Just as important, is that such a system would enable you to see through what you are doing”>

The Challenge

Implementing a repackaging management system which allows an efficient container fill rate and ship correct items and quantities being shipped to customers.

The Solution

SGI brings you OFS24×7 – An Order Fulfilment System with traits of supply chain management system. A repackaging system that helps you to add supplier’s inventory and price list markup and markdown pricing to raise a quotation track your outstanding payments And generate most commonly required day to day reports.

For your operational needs, it helps you to generate a container fill rate and generate a bar-code-based packing list. With OFS24×7 we take care of your day to day Order Management and Order Fulfilment operational supervision to make sure the right product is in the right box or container for your customer.

OFS24×7 Order Fulfilment System features :

Inventory Control Order Management Price and Calculations Accounts & Reports CRM
Product History Sync orders with Inventory Packing List Accounts Order online
Product Details Partial order fulfillment Price Markup / Markdown Accounts Receivable Invoice history
Inventory list Backorder Purchase Order Collections Accounts Payable Reordering
Stock adjustments Sales order workflow Working out a selling price list Profit and Loss Ledger Discounts specific to a customer
Inventory stock on hand Create Purchase order Auto Calculation of based on a formula to be custom set Sales reports Stocks availability check
Supplier Stock Email purchase order to the supplier Factory price list Sales report by customer Order history
Automatic reports for partially received orders Factories price list for any selected item Stock Sales report by time period Download Invoice
Product Search (by Stock reference number, Name, Size, Shape, Group, etc..) Stock Backorder reports
product Search by Invoice Number Catalogs Number of order processed report
Convert Reports to Spreadsheet for email
Shipping Invoice
Internal Invoice
Discount Management

Besides the above, the repackaging system allows backorder management. OFS24×7 helps you to save Time, Labour cost and most importantly Shipping Returns.

If you are looking to save time and cost on your missed product in a shipment, please fill up a demo request form for a no-obligation online demo.

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