Apps are a prevalent topic in today’s techno world. Each and every work is done online only, and each of us is equally addicted to apps.
Apps are made for the people so that they can do their work accurately and finish it on time. There are multiple apps which are developed nowadays, based on customer satisfaction, customized apps, particular business, etc. If we categorize apps, it will be an endless chain, and the categories will also be unlimited. So, there was a survey conducted in Singapore, and it was on that what are the most used apps in Shopping. Shopping online is a prevalent thing to do, and it’s increasing day by day. After the survey, we shortlisted 10 E-Commerce Apps whose ratings were higher and are commonly used by people.

laz-logo-sginteractive Lazada

Lazada is a southeast Asian online shopping App. It was launched in the year 2012. It’s used in some countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The anniversary was celebrated on 21 to 27 March in 2019. The app had a 24-hour shopping extravaganza, due to this the traffic was way too much. It was an excellent opportunity for people to purchase products at cheaper rates. Through this, the ranking and number of downloads of this app increased rapidly.

q0010-logo-sginteractive Qoo10

It is a southeast Asian app which is commonly known as Gmarket and is a Singaporean based app. This app is a great competitor with other shopping apps. This app lets you pay later after you have received the product and it has done a partnership with GrabPay also. It is a very diversified app and is mainly used in Singapore only. It is also used in more countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and HongKong.

shopee-logo-sginteractive Shopee

Shopee is the 3rd most used app for online shopping app in Singapore. It was found in 2015 and was aiming about how to purchase online through smartphones; that’s why this app was developed. They wanted to spread their app in different apps but individually. It’s mainly used in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Taobao-logo-sginteractive Taobao

It is a Chinese online shopping app which has ranked 4th in Singapore. The app is also used in Malaysia too, but it is used more in Singapore because the delivery services are provided as well as attractive deals are there. No other country has such a facility. Beyond its mobile app, Taobao products are also available to Singaporeans via a Taobao agent or third-party platforms such as EZBuy, SGShop, Peeka, and Oops.

Zalora-logo-sginteractive Zalora

It is an online shopping app founded in 2012. It is used in many countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. This was the most used app in this year as the company was focusing on the marketing strategies, and they had multiple styles and all kinds of different brands.

Aliexpress-logo-sginteractive Aliexpress

It is an online retail service app which provides online shopping in various countries like China, Singapore, etc. It is under the Alibaba group and is the most used app in all the nations as there was a mid-year sale in June this year only, i.e., 2019. The rating of the apps was so good, and the traffic generated was also incredible.

Amazon-Prime-Now-logo-sginteractive Amazon Prime Now

Amazon is a very popular app used in almost every part of the country. It is a US-based app. A sale will be there on the 15th and 16th of July, and everybody is awaited to grab this opportunity. So, the downloads have been increasing a lot, and it is using in Singapore mostly.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Image filter  ASOS-logo-sginteractive ASOS

It is a British online fashion and cosmetics retailer. Recently sale started on this app this year only i.e. 2019 from 21 June to 28 July. There were a vast sale, discounts and great deals available on this app, so it got mostly viewed by millions of people, and it was used the most.

Amazon-logo-sginteractive Amazon

It is a US based online shopping app which is used by everyone. It is the most common app used as it provides great deals, discounts often, which attracts people to purchase more and simultaneously increases the rating as well as awareness among the people.

Ezbuy-logo-sginteractive Ezbuy

It is an online shopping app based in Singapore but used in many Southeast Asian countries as well. As this app provides many facilities to the customers why it is the most used app in Singapore.

These are the top 10 E-Commerce online shopping apps used in Singapore. I hope this will clear every detail about the apps and let you find the perfect app to be operated based on individual skills and understanding.

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