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Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have been in trend for many years and are used by millions of users around the world. It needs to be updated as soon as possible because every year the Apps gets changed and are modified according to the information given or according to the need of the users. Customize apps are also great which focuses on a particular goal of a Business Organization, and are only dedicated to their Business only. Trends need to get updated or changed according to the situation.

Here are some Trends which need to be followed in 2020:-

1.Health-Related Mobile Apps for Wearable Devices

Nowadays everything is done on apps or on online software. Therefore, People use various kinds of watches like SmartWatch, Apple Watch and other watches from various local brands. All these are wearable devices, and these are automated themselves only. These are directly connected to the phones only and also health apps are installed to check a brief status of your health like how many steps you walked in a day and how much calories you burnt and much more. Therefore, using technology for our health is always better.

2. Internet of Things and Decentralized Apps

The decentralized apps are being used now and before also it was in practice but with different concepts, now also the concepts are changing but these apps are very useful to the people and have the advantage also.

3. M-Commerce, Because Why Not

Mobile Commerce is always on the trend and doesn’t vanish until the time apps are there. Mobile Shoppers are there for many years and the apps which are developed before are being used by the users very easily. Everyone wants that we should get things sitting at our home so the mobile apps which are developed for online shopping are the best way to shop online and also it saves time. The new apps which are developed have some other functions and run according to the latest trend.

4. AR/VR Apps, Their Era is Just Beginning

These technologies have really come into action in the past 2 years and have rapidly gained interest through people and our convenient to use. This has made the vision of the people more broadly and people invest their time to actually understand what actually it is. These are very useful and will be used in the near feature as it has a great significance in the mobile app development field.

5. Minimalism

Everyone wants that everything should be sorted, arranged and minimum complications should be there. So, Different Apps have been introduced for different kinds of works, So that people don’t get confused and it should be convenient, sustainable in nature. So, everything should be minimalistic and simplistic.

6. Motion and Location Tracking

While Developing the apps, the location tracking function should be kept on mind. The apps which are specially made for Heath needs location tracking because if suppose you are giving a smartwatch to your near and dear ones and you want to keep a health check on it and also the security too, then the location tracking function will use. Therefore, every app which is to be developed should have this function.

7. Cloud Integration

There are various documents which need to be recorded with us as they are important for our work, also some important information is also there which needs to be saved in our systems. We can easily store in our phones easily as they come in handy, but the storage space is limited only. So,  Cloud storage has a vast storing capacity, and it can be accessed anywhere on any device with your login credentials. Businesses highly consider cloud storage integration in most of the mobile apps as it facilitates them with accessing the documents from anywhere and keeps them safe and undamaged.

8. Technological Accessories

Not only mobile is bound to technology, but other electronic gadgets also use the latest technology. There are a variety of these like smartwatches, fitness bands, motion trackers, etc. These apps help us in checking our health and also track where we are and make sure that we are safe and secured through these electronic devices. This helps connect people to each other and create harmony between them.

9.  Acceleration and Mobility

As technology is coming up and also it’s changing, The use of technology should be done smartly and it should execute correctly.  The moving technology should be in a good way. The web pages which are loading should be at a fast speed and it should be run smoothly.

10. BlockChain

Blockchain has remained a popular platform of dealing with the cryptocurrencies and providing a highly secured environment to the finance dealers without any interference of third-parties. As the BlockChain has been in the mobile app development field it has really helped the banking sector and other sectors in their financial part.
Through this, financial crises are not there.

So, I hope you will see these trends and make sure that the app developers should use these trends in their apps and make them work nicely and smartly.