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Estimated reading time: 3 minute(s)

Artificial Intelligence is now needed in every field of work now, as technology is increasing with new inventions and other techno stuff. Due to the origination of new technology, simultaneously the competition has also increased between the companies or organizations. Everybody wants that my work should be the best of all and for this, they are investing a lot in technology as it is accurate and saves a lot of time. Artificial Intelligence involves Google voice search,  facial recognition in Facebook pictures, Instagram shopping suggestions, etc. According to the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute: “AI is the umbrella term for the algorithms, technologies, and techniques that make machines smarter, and give them superhuman capabilities.” Using AI in the right way is also very important because if not properly used then the result will not be accurate. AI is also a part of mobile apps also, So here are some apps which are AI-based for iOS only.


1. Replika

It is the most advanced AI app and is specially made for iOS users only. It has multiple functions within itself only. The most interesting feature of the app is its ability to have conversations with the user in a way that it appears like a real human and not a bot.


2. Airpoly

This has the same functions as the app Replika has but it’s more focused on visually impaired people. The app is highly intelligent and is able to identify as much as three objects in a single second. The app can see and think.


3. Seeing AI

This app helps in interacting the visually impaired people with the environment. The App acts like a human in front of them and tries to understand their emotions that what they actually want and also help them get things done what they want. It is giving hope to people who are visually impaired and allowing them to be able to better interact with their environment.


4. Cortana

It can do a variety of tasks simultaneously like scheduling meetings to sending emails, from keeping track of events to sending you updates and reminders. When Cortana is integrated into users smartphone and desktop it can assess all relevant information, sort them out, and deliver its services efficiently.



ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant. The objective of this app is to help to pronounce the correct word by the users. Some people know the word but they do not pronounce correctly, that’s where the problem arises. So, it is aimed at helping users enhance their pronunciation. It is a relevant Artificial Intelligence app for iPhone app development.


6. Siftr Magic 

This app uses deep learning to identify images that are not essential and make a recommendation to have them deleted. It is based on the content of the photo and the number of times it has been viewed. The app does not delete photos on its own, rather it simply makes a recommendation.


7. The Roll

The Siftr Magic is somehow similar to this app The Roll as the Siftr Magic work is to view all the photos and then identify the images but in this app, the best photos are selected from all the photos. The app uses image recognition technology to achieve the feat.


8. Hound

Another very effective and efficient assistant is the Hound. The app has voice search features, which allows users to speak to it and receive recommendation movies, restaurants, parks, etc.

So, these are the apps which have used AI in their development. These apps are quite useful and are very helpful for individuals as well as for businesses.