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Every need covered

With the rise of technology, almost every need and want can be fixed and optimized according to data on one’s tastes and preferences in real time. The whole point here is to make one’s travels as seamless as possible, plus people these days have lesser time on their hands than the previous generation for leisure.

For smart service to happen, the infrastructure for it needs to be in place improve efficiency, make it more sustainable, more productive and also more social (to improve reach). These days many cities have recognized that tourism is a vital cog in their economies and know the importance of attracting people over for a truly comprehensive experience in order to create lasting memories and tourist loyalty.

The benefits that Smart cities can offer to tourists and their own citizens are numerous, where they will be able to discover ways to save money on transport, attractions, tours, deals, promotions, and accommodation. These ‘new ways’ are namely IoT, social media, content marketing, big data, and wearable technology.

Retailers in these cities will have all these avenues to thank for the higher perceived value when analytics and promotions come tailored for these tourists. The brick and mortar businesses will find that a comfortable balance between an online and offline presence will boost their profits aplenty.

It is quite pertinent to note that tourists come technology that may not exist in the countries that they are visiting, which is why unique integrated experiences are important in broadening a city’s horizons and welcoming new experiences.

Travel made too easy

“If I miss my flight, auto-rebooking could be done”
“I open my hotel room with my smartphone, as I’ve downloaded an interactive key.”
“By putting a sensor in my luggage, I can track where it is via an application on my smartphone.”
“At airports, security lines are tracked and I’m notified of waiting for lines with a ping on my smartphone.” (Benelux Amadeus, 2015)

At this point, you need to know all about the Internet of Things. You’ll agree with us in a bit.

Everyone dreams of seamless travel, one without delays, hiccups, extended waiting periods and definitely an easier ride on an impending jet lag. Personalization is key, as with any other industry, and with convenience too. Travelers feel a lot more value added to their travels with the prospects of i) forging cross-platform relationships 2) getting their reactions to certain features identified 2) getting content pushed according to the stage of their travels.

According to a WTM (World Travel Market) Trends Report in 2015, in association with Euromonitor International, it was predicted that more cities around the world will be experimenting with smart technology and the Internet of Things to highlight what they have to offer, so the visitor experience will be improved by leaps and bounds.


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