Logistics: Critical to all industries

Transportation is the an essential part of logistics business. Be it be air, land or sea. For companies that effectively manages its transportation is bound to manage and access to real time data. This is achieved not only by communication anymore. While there have been plenty of benefits to the industry, the unpredictable nature of fuel prices, rising labor rates, traffic increase, and changes in regulatory environment have offered some way of challenge because more is expected out of less, and profit as always, will be paramount to agendas.

Lets understand a typical need of a logistics department

  • Meet SLAs and improve customer service.
  • Easily understand and act upon driver safety from behaviour analytics.
  • Optimise driver routes and route sequences.
  • Reduce miles traveled and fuel costs.
  • Easy integrated navigation for drivers.

The above should be coupled with

  • Calculate better ETAs
  • Improve safety
  • Increase asset utilisation
  • Lower operational costs
  • Enhance driver experience to retain drivers
The problem is to bring how to bring this and fulfill the logistics needs

The digital age adds to this industry is quite simply, accelerated productivity, profitability, and tailored solutions for particular processes. With the right solution, businesses will be able to connect devices in question under one centralised network (cloud), capture and analyse critical data, and make decision making for management a lot easier.

Our Transportation and Logistics solutions coupled with Here Platform For Business can

  • Calculate better ETAs
  • Improve safety
  • Increase asset utilisation
  • Lower operational costs
  • Enhance driver experience to retain drivers

What you get is a visibility on

  • Fleet Planning
  • Fleet Routing
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Mobile Dispatch
  • Post-Trip Analysis

In order to maximise supply chain efficiency, improvements need to be made from end to end to elevate visibility, which will then facilitate more effective and timely decisions which will diminish delays via the real-time detection of faults and issues. Mobile devices, RFID tracking, barcode scanners, and tablets have become a major influence in this arena. While these types of solutions have already been of benefit to the industry thus far, leveraging them with IoT technologies will deliver more asset intelligence and more informed decisions.


Maintaining fleet schedules is one of the most critical aspects of the transportation business, encompassing vehicle usage, service routes, and fleet downtime. In order to maximise productivity and operational efficiency, mobile scanners, computers and RFID systems replace manual and hard-copy work orders which saves time, improves data accuracy, provides accurate insight into maintenance history, parts availability, inventory records, and even the ability to relay information back to a central network.

Using Here Fleet Planning Solution you can
  • Plan your service area coverage on the basis of drive-time.
  • Improve asset utilisation by calculating optimal route sequence for one driver.
  • Improve destination address input and mapping.
  • Plan for truck routing.
  • Plan routes better with traffic and weather.
  • Plan for toll charges.

Using HERE Maps we can offer a rich set of truck specific attributes for the transportation and logistics industry. For example Truck attributes include physical, legal and hazmat restrictions, displayed by type and value, e.g. bridge height of 4.5m.

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