Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

The AR and VR have been in trend for many years and is used in many apps and also in the business organization. These both are interlinked with each other and has their particular role separately in a particular app. These two technologies are mainly used in two fields i.e Environment and gaming. As these fields are there or many years but before these technologies were not much used. But now as competition has increased we need to have a balance with the apps and make the most use of it through the involvement of technologies.

So here are some trends which will increase the quality of app through the use of these technologies.

1.  AR and VR increasingly enhanced with AI

The AI works differently with AR and VR. The AI helps to understand the computers that what we can see through the cameras and along with this the AR will identify and label the objects. VR is the technology where people move inside of the virtual environments and it increases year by year.

2. VR and AR will increasingly be used in training and teaching

These technologies are being used in the field of training and teaching. As all work is done on apps now so it saves time and makes it smarter and convenient to use it. Training can be done online only through apps or paid courses on numerous websites, through this you can access your training anywhere and at any given point of time. You can also even download the training courses and later on, you can see to it if you are not able to see it or you have some other work to do. In teaching also there is the same pattern which will be followed.

3. Consumer Entertainment VR hits the mainstream

Consumers also invest time in VR and also it has taken a great contribution to consumer entertainment. Consumer headsets are in trend now and are used by the consumers on a daily basis. But as the headsets have been in use for many years but if we work upon these headsets these are quite different from the previous ones. The upcoming headsets have the latest technology and are mostly used by consumers only.

4.VR and AR environments becoming increasingly collaborative and social

These technologies are upcoming in almost all the apps mainly in social apps and other apps too. The app connects and allows people to stay connected with each other. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Messenger, etc, are the apps that use AR and VR technology.

5. AR increasingly finding its way into vehicles

Two of the most significant trends in new vehicles in 2019 will be voice assistants – with most major manufacturers implementing their takes on Alexa and Siri – and in-car AR. In-car AR has the potential to improve safety – by allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road as they read the feedback that would previously have been given on a sat-nav or phone screen, as well as increase comfort and driver convenience. In a few years, it’s likely we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

6. Mobile AR Disruption

To increase the AR Disruption among the people, it is commonly used in Mobile phones and tablets, rather than in other devices. This looks more significant than VR, also it’s quite easy to understand and make aware of their technology to everyone. Through mobile phones, users are able to get a lot of experience as they are using it daily.

7. AR in Marketing and Advertising

AR has now also entered into the field of Marketing and Advertising. Many companies have been using this technology to promote their brand and market through the help of apps that have AR installed in it. The AR helps in getting an idea of what will be the product about and what all will be included so that it gets promoted in the market easily or in advertising.

8. Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Now as AR has entered in every field of work nowadays, it has entered the field of manufacturing too, which seems to be quite interesting. In Manufacturing when the products are manufactured they need a brief idea of how the final product will look like when processing the product. Also, if a product is to repair, it can see an AR video on how to repair it and also is very helpful and clear to understand.

9. AR in Healthcare

This is a very useful thing which has been introduced in the HealthCare itself i.e AR. The main focus is on the medical consultations which are appointed to the patients without actually being there. In this AR Training Simulators are used which the physical therapists use in order to give training to the patients.

10. Content Sync

In the case of VR, the content which is written or shown is very less as compared to AR. If it is there it is still for some specific fields, like medicine and design visualization. Due to the limited field, the people don’t have seen much content in the VR.So, these are the AR and VR trends which need to be followed in order to make the social apps look smarter and convenient.