Wearable Technology

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Wearable Technology

Wearable technology refers to advanced electronic devices that can be remotely monitored through the internet or the cloud, enabling us to discover new information and data about ourselves.

Not exactly a new entrant in the market, but big innovations in this sector will see it evolve from just ‘smart glasses’, watches and Fitbit’s, to phenomenal developments like smart threads hidden in our clothes, and wearable technology for the brain.

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Why take the plunge?

If you think what we have now is a healthy appetite for wearables, 2016 is going to leave you flabbergasted. Over the next four years, sales of wearables worldwide are predicted to reach a staggering $175 million, up almost eight-fold from last year. Growth will stem from a number of factors: firstly, we’ll see the market expand to embrace a whole new breed of wearable companies – think Tissot’s smartwatches and Nike with its Accelerate shoes. Household, fashion, and sports brands will join heavyweights such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google, and specialists like Fitbit and Jawbone, to offer their own IoT-enabled technologies – making wearables more accessible to the masses.

Why take the plunge with us?

So far, wearable technology has been used to improve functionality, and increase efficiency, but in time to come the focus will shift to developers like us becoming more creative in how this technology can be implemented.

We have been working on the Apple Watch kit from the day Apple released it in the market and we uploaded our first Apple Watch App within a week of its release in Singapore. In keeping up with our standards in remaining at the forefront of technology, we have mastered the utilization of small screens and we strive to be able to deliver an extension of your existing app or your new idea on this platform.

Of course, where wearable technology is concerned, so is the Internet of Things, which is a must to find out more of.

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