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Our skillset ranges from everything that got to do with user experience (UX) design to optimising our client’s software architecture. We have been providing top quality Web Application Development services to our satisfied clients since 2011.

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Unique UI/UX Design Solutions

Our team utilises a progressive approach for our clients to provide them with creative, customisable and engaging UI/UX solutions. Our UI/UX design strategies prioritise your brand and corporate identity and bring out a distinct identity for your website.

Over the years, we have developed the most optimal checklist and systematic process to ensure that our website development and designs exceed our client’s expectations.

Establishing client goals

We would have open communication and leave no stone unturned until we establish some goals and are on the same page as what our clients expect their website to be. This is to align with our goal of making what our clients vision into reality and get results for our client’s successful website design Singapore.

Information Architecture

This is an important step to start off with by establishing what goes where on the website design Singapore. If you take building a house for example, then information architecture would be the blueprint. This stage also allows us to use our expertise to use the most suitable type of information architecture for our client, based on their industry and goals.

Since a web development Singapore is essentially a collection of information that needs to be relayed to the audience, prioritising the information is very important in the visual hierarchy of website development. Also in this stage, we will use a few layouts to determine the best one for the client.


A website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate would always do better than one with poor usability. We specialise in bringing the best usability to website design through our code and experience. Our team also ensures that your website could be used across different platforms such as desktop, tablets and mobile. We ensure our clients get to capitalise on today’s mobile-first mindset and get the best result out of mobile websites.

Visual Aesthetics

Apart from the technical side of things, we also provide visually appealing website designs and icons to further beautify and make the call-to-actions more enticing to click. We always believe that a clean and sharp web application development would do heaps of benefits to your brand image and maintain professionalism. Overall, we also use visual hierarchy to prioritise the content that is most vital to our client’s branding and image.

Design Comprehensive

To ensure open communication with clients and consistent improvement on feedbacks, we go through various stages of drafting our clients’ website design Singapore in prototypes through the use of wireframes until the clients are satisfied. This is to ensure the website that our clients envisioned would be created into reality. We also follow up by curating colour themes using website design comps for our clients’ final product.

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More appropriate development costs

At SGI, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all designs or websites for everyone. Every person or company has different styles and goals, so we believe customisation is the most important part of creating a successful website design in Singapore. When you customise your ecommerce website development or any website development you can cut out the features that you do not need and invest more in the features that would benefit your company. These features vary from industry to industry, and it would not make sense to get a standard website template for every company. We strive to understand our client’s needs and tailor-make our solutions unique to them while helping them cut cost and maximising results.

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Profit optimisation

Web development Singapore as mentioned above, we charge our clients for only the features they need. With that said, we also do website design and website development with keeping the end goal of optimising your website in mind. This means that we work closely with you and ensure the website we develop for you would bring in the most profits and results you are looking for. We do follow-ups and genuinely want to make an impact on your company through our website development.

Book a Consultation

If you want a glimpse of our decade long experience and need some advice on web development Singapore and website design Singapore, feel free to book a consultation session with us and we would be more than happy to help you out.

Corporate Web Design

Let us bring out your brand’s X factor through the user experience and functions of your website development

We specialise in creating corporate B2B websites to cater to your professional audience. When it comes to corporate website design Singapore, it is important to bring out the mission and brand of the company through the visual representation of the website. There is so much more to it because a website is no longer just a page on the internet but rather a first touchpoint where potential clients will view your products and services. We have made positive impacts on various kinds of businesses and enterprises in Singapore, as well as overseas. At SGI, we believe that customisation is the key to any successful website because it is in these details that bring out the specific user experience for the particular target audience.

Below are some of the few main points we cover generally:

  • A strong brand presence
  • Impressive UI and UX
  • Easy navigation
  • Search function with a great algorithm

Speak with us to find out more on how we could be of help in bringing the best out of your corporate website.


Let us build your new storefront together

After what COVID-19 has done to the retail industry in Singapore and around the world, it is not surprising that E-commerce is ever more important now as more and more companies are shifting their businesses online. Having said that, your E-commerce website will become your new storefront and should provide the best experience and customer service to your customers.

There are many e-commerce websites that provide standard templates out there, but we believe customisation is the key to any website’s success. So how about a customizable eCommerce website development tailor-made to your company instead? That is exactly what we could do for you.

Let us hear out your plans for your E-commerce website development or eCommerce mobile app development and make you a 100% customizable one.

Mobile Web Development

Leverage our decade-long expertise in creating your mobile web page

It is a common misunderstanding that a mobile web page is just a copy of your website’s content and putting it into a smaller screen. This would not only result in some syntax errors like being unable to see certain parts of it due to different screen size, but it is also not making full use of what a mobile web page could give you.

Here at SGI, we tap into what a mobile web page could do for you at its fullest potential by using features such as GPS and NFC which are not available on the desktop. Mobile users are focused on getting the task done or finding the information they are looking for quickly. That is why it is a totally different approach as compared to making a desktop web page. With our decade-long experience, allow us to unlock your potential and help you craft out the most optimal mobile page for you.

Website Security, Maintenance and Management

Leave the guesswork behind and let us do the necessary maintenance for your website

Just like a regular visit to the doctor, websites have to also be checked regularly for bugs and any flaws which could hold back performance. We use a systematic checklist to walk through our website audits and provide maintenance in the ways below:

  • Keep an eye on the technical functions of your website to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Update any plugins to newer versions
  • Ensure your website is responsive and usable across multiple devices and browsers
  • Do website security work to ensure the safety of your personal information
  • Run backups of your website
  • Ensure the overall health of your website

The above is just a general list of things we do for your website. Depending on the size and type of website, we will adjust and implement any other checks and maintenance necessary.

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Web Application Development

An application that makes use of web browsers as clients, web applications are the message boards that you notice on every other website, the sign-in portal on a hotelier’s website, or even a simple aggregator on a blog.

The client here is in reference to the program that is actually used to run the application, which of course relieves a developer from having to build a client for a specific type of computer and/or a particular operating system.

Web applications though have been around for quite some time, even before the world wide web attained household status.

Why take this step?

Web development Singapore or eCommerce website development these days has become really sophisticated, we’re all bound to notice, with staple ones like Gmail mail client, which can credit its advancements to AJAX, which is a programming model bent on ensuring a better response in Web Application Development.

So what are the advantages you may ask?

  • Cost-effective website development
  • Accessibility
  • Customizable web application development
  • Versatility (across a range of devices)
  • Improved information exchange
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Adaptability
  • Secure web application development
  • Flexibility, with its core technologies

Why take this step with SGI?

Best practices in the trade have found a suitable mould in our efficient framework, based on comprehensive research on the best and the most advanced architecture which is steeped in versatility and room for growth. Coupled with our object-oriented approach, emphasis on simplicity and an armoury of the comprehensive code base, we have managed to promise our clients these:

  • Performance, load and stress testing
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Site Management

For a firmer grasp of what we can offer you, take a look at our Portfolio for a more comprehensive outlook at our services.

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