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Estimated reading time: 2 minute(s)

Not far from launching, I was planning to write about what mobile apps developers in Singapore will expect in iPhone 2018 or iPhone 12 or iPhone XS. But I stumbled upon an idea to look at what people are talking about it.

There are a few ‘Exclusive First Look’ as well as a list of Full Features and Specs juggled on a few websites.

cultofmac.com is captioning it as ‘6.1-inch iPhone leaks in red and blue’. It claims – The 6.1-inch iPhone will be the most affordable model in this year’s lineup. It’s expected to stick with LCD screen technology, rather than switching to OLED, and it will offer a single rear-facing camera sensor. It could also miss out on features like 3D Touch.

macrumors.com has showcased Front Glass Panels for 2018 iPhones Appear to Leak, Show Thicker Bezels on 6.1-Inch LCD Model. It also claims All three devices are expected to feature edge-to-edge displays with a notch for the TrueDepth sensors that enable Face ID.

tomsguide.com Bugled ‘All Three 2018 iPhones Leaked in New Video’ with a youtube link captioning Apple iPhone 9 & X Plus: Prototypes. They explain – Based on the video, the notches on the display of this year’s trio of iPhones will be the same size, meaning the iPhone X Plus would have much more screen space on either side of the notch. The video claims the SIM card slot on the 6.1-inch model is in a different location than it is on the other two dummy units, perhaps adding fuel to the rumour that Apple is planning a dual-SIM version of the iPhone at least in some markets.

While everybody is speculating the look, feel there a few websites speculating on the pricing.

cnbc.com on a statement from Bank of America stated ‘Apple’s new iPhone prices likely higher than Wall Street expects, says Bank of America’. They wrote – Apple’s new iPhones are likely to be more expensive than what Wall Street currently expects, a potential boost to the stock ahead of the company’s upcoming product launch.

On the contrary, cultofmac.com published ‘2018 iPhones could cost just the same as the 2017 models’. They wrote – With most of the specifications of the 2018 iPhones already known, the largest remaining question is price. Possibly answering that burning question is a report coming out of Europe that indicates that the three upcoming iOS models will cost just the same Apple’s three most recent offerings.

They assume about 6.1-inch LCD iPhone at $699, 5.8-inch iPhone X at $799, and 6.5-inch OLED priced at $999.

There are plenty of rumors and enough traction created to support CNBC’s words that it will give ‘potential boost to the stock ahead of the company’s upcoming product launch.’

We are waiting for Apple Special Event from the Steve Jobs Theater.
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