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Estimated reading time: 3 minute(s)

With the virus still lingering, people are still iffy about going to the local gym. With more time at home, people are starting to get into fitness and in-home workouts as well. The pandemic has also opened the eyes of many to personal fitness with the use of technology such as fitness trackers and mobile apps.

Along with many other industries, the fitness industry is also forced to transform by the Covid-19 hit, with strict restrictions on its facilities and services. The introduction of tech gadgets such as wearable fitness trackers would only get better in the years to come. The advancements in Artificial Intelligence would bring in a wave of integrated workout apps and gadgets into our daily lives, which can already be seen today.

The following would be a list of how mobile apps, along with emerging tech devices be used to alter the future of the fitness industry.

1. AI-enabled Connected fitness devices

With the help of fitness devices, workouts could now be measured and customized according to the individual’s fitness levels without the need for relying on the judgment of a fitness instructor. You could view real-time statistics through a mobile app and understand your body better. AI would suggest certain exercises according to the measured fitness level and provide feedback as you work out. Let’s take to the field of mixed martial arts as an example. At this moment, professional fighters have their statistics measured in a competitive fight, such as punching speed or accuracy of strikes landed. With more AI technology on the rise, I could foresee a commercialized version of the mobile app to track such statistics for the common man, even though you do not fight professionally. Such apps could be synced with AI-enabled punching bags that capture the data and reflect your statistics on the app.

2. Workouts to suit people of different ages and fitness levels in a household

Usually, when you go to a physical gym class, one instructor is to take a class of about 20 people, and these people have all different fitness levels. It is hard to compromise and have the most optimal workout intensity to suit everyone’s individual needs. With AI, your mobile app could cater to personalized workouts for you at the comfort of your home, and you could work out at the optimal intensity of your body and fitness level. This is in line with the increasing trend of people working out at home and caters to everyone in the household, which could also be a great family bonding activity.

3. An immersive and interactive experience

Gone are the days where a home-workout is boring and without interaction. With customizable apps and AI technology, virtual workout classes could be held with interactive experiences and integrated into your households with other smart devices such as your TV to make a perfect home gym setup. This could all be controlled via the convenience in a single mobile app.

4. Safe and Hygienic

Of course, the thought of sharing a piece of sweaty equipment with a stranger would shun you off the traditional route of using the local gym, especially after what this Covid-19 pandemic has done to us. With mobile apps and your new tech fitness devices, there is no longer the need to share equipment and this would reduce the risk of infections greatly.

5. Booking of gym slots

With the recent opening of Phase 2 in Singapore, many gyms including mine have come out with the staggered gym timing bookings, whereby guests have to book 2-hour time slots to use the gym via an app to reduce the risk of infection. After each 2 hour interval, the gym would be sanitized and disinfected for the next batch. However, due to the sudden need for such measures, the mobile apps are buggy and the user interface and user experience are not very satisfactory. Imagine having to already compete for the limited time slots and the app still lags out and your booking process is constantly disrupted with poor UI. This could be excused for the time being because of the rushed measures but moving forward, every gym or fitness facility should look ahead and improve the user experience through these booking apps. Not only it would make bookings easier for guests, but it would also benefit the branding and positioning of your gym.

If you wish to get started in developing a mobile app to work in sync with your fitness product or even just by itself, feel free to consult with us at marketing@sginteractive.com.sg and we could get you started on your tech journey.

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